Running in the dark

I never thought I’d like to run. I never thought I COULD run. I have fairly significant scoliosis and anything remotely high impact causes me a lot of pain. But I’ve persisted because I WANT to run. Its easy, cheap, excellent cardio and, as I’ve discovered, quite easy and safe to do in the dark. I could think of more pleasurable things to do in the dark but no one seems to be stepping up to help me in that regard so running will have to do.

I pretend that no one can see me huffing and puffing as I trudge along at a half trot under the light of the street lamps. If they can’t make out my face then it’s all OK. I’m thinking I should set a goal so that I stick with it but I’m really not interested in completing any marathons (those are usually performed in daylight I think.) Perhaps a more motivating goal would be to increase my speed and endurance to a point where I can go down to the ritzy part of the city and find a good looking, rich, single, fit, youngish guy who would like to run with me in the dark …. or do more pleasurable things.

My spine is curved but my path is straight.
Photo by Pixabay for Pexel

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