Today I took a chance. I was left chairing a large meeting on my own when my co-chair was called away on a family emergency. I had a plan in mind that was a little out of the norm for the way things are normally done at the large institution where I work and my partner was not sold on my idea. We had reached a compromise but it didn’t feel right to me. I hatched a new plan and intended to field it with her but she wasn’t available. So I ran with it.

My Messy Head pulled all the usual tricks to break me down but it just seemed as if the universe was conspiring to produce the opportunity and bring me the encouragement I needed. I went for it. It worked. It wasn’t a stellar success but it didn’t bomb and I felt good. I felt like myself. Like I was being true to myself. It must have showed because I got several compliments, including one from our Director. I may have some explaining to do when my colleague returns but I have plenty of time for my messy head to sort that out.

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