Wonder what goes on in my messy head?

In my messy head is where I live, love, laugh and learn.

Welcome! I hope you get as much out of visiting my site as I gave putting it together, which, at this point, is a lot. There was blood (for real) and sweat (I’ll change one last thing and then shower) but no tears (I’m not the crying type) although I wouldn’t be surprised if the unfortunate WordPress tech helping me was shedding some tears when s/he had to tell me for the eleventh time to click “publish” so s/he could see my changes.

The posts on this site are a mix bag of musings that spill out of my messy head (or is it messed up head?). Some are my personal reflections on life as a twice divorced mom with two kids on the autism spectrum and a cat (not on the spectrum). Others are insights I’ve gained as I practice living successfully with anxiety and depression. Still others are just for fun. You’ll laugh if you can relate. You’ll shake your head if you can’t.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

Every post is my gift to you so I hope you will spend some time here, unwrapping all the joy of LIVING, LOVING, LAUGHING and LEARNING they contain.

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Wonder what goes on in my messy head?

  1. You’re awesome. I’m so lucky to be your little sister. 😘


    1. Thank you. It’s an honour to be your big sis. Your T shirt awaits.


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