Sister Love

How much do we love our sisters? I recently decided to start loving my sister more. To me, loving springs from knowing. Love grows each time I learn something new about someone close to me. So, for Christmas, I bought my sister and me each a copy of the Bella Grace field guide and let her know that I hoped we could share them with one another when they are complete. I’m looking forward to spending my mornings deciding what to put in the pages but I’m especially looking forward to spending time reading my beautiful sister’s story. What is it that lies beneath her laughter and tears? What did I miss seeing when we were younger? What does she love doing that we could maybe do together some day? What brings her joy that I could make sure she has, does, or reminds herself of when she’s low? Loving is knowing. I know I’ll love this journey.

Special note: the picture above is my favourite from the gifted and enigmatic photographer Vivian Maier. Source: Aperture Buzz.

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